Why ProActive

Our Consultants are the most productive.
Resumes are a dime a dozen. Like you, we know that a resume will not get the job done. That's up to the individual. And that's where we focus with a laser-like intensity. Our candidate screening and qualification process is so intense and thorough that only one in ten will ever qualify as a ProActive resource.

We Keep Overhead to an Absolute Minimum.
Is your staffing budget financing the lifestyle of an unseen "partner" who contributes nothing to your project's success? Are you paying to support another company's big-dollar office suite at an upscale address?

Not with ProActive. We run a tight ship, and our overhead is low. That translates directly to value. We strive to be good stewards of your IT dollars. With ProActive, you can be certain that your staffing budget is directly supporting your project goals.

We live and breathe IT. Together, Mark Granger and Paul Lauritzen - the founders and principals of ProActive Resources - bring 45 years of IT experience to bear on behalf of our clients. We're keenly aware of the view from the trenches because we've been there. We know what it takes to manage a project on a tight deadline; to motivate and bring out the best in others; to work within a budget; and to deliver applications that meet the business objectives.

Every one of our staff is an experienced IT professional. We understand technology, so we'll understand you. Complex project? Tight deadline? Special need? Tell us in your own words - we speak IT.

We promote the highest industry standards.
ProActive is an active member of the Tech Serve Alliance.
We promote the Association's Statement of Business Principles, both in our local market and nationally. Here again, we don't just talk about it - we're ProActive about it! Mark Granger is President of the Association's National Board, and over the past 5 years Paul Lauritzen has served the Association's Georgia chapter as President, Vice President and Secretary. Our active involvement in NACCB is our way of working with both clients and competitors to raise the bar of performance in the technical staffing industry.

Our consultants are happy.
We value our resources, and view them as the company's most important asset. Because of our relentless drive to keep overhead low, we are able to compensate our consultants well. This contributes to a team of happy and motivated professionals who focus their attention where it belongs - on the client's priorities.

We support our country and its economy.
We believe that the strength of our nation's IT infrastructure is built on the traditional American values of hard work and determination to excel. ProActive exemplifies these values, and we promote the American system of enterprise.

Our focus is on delivering excellence without the overhead.

Our Mission is Your Mission...
to help our clients do more and spend less.

Staff Smarter.  Spend Less.  Get ProActive!



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