Client Testimonials

"Very much appreciate your persistence with our need for additional software developers.  We would have never found the last two developers you introduced to us on our own, and they have both worked out great.  You and Paul's efforts have made a big difference in the success of our business.  Fees are reasonable, and I am glad to be a reference for you at any time."

- Robert McKeeman, Chairman and CEO, Utility Associates

"ProActive saves us time by only presenting candidates that fit our requirements: technically, interpersonally and culturally."

- Tom Nodar, VP - Global Operations, Axis U.S. Insurance

"I trust ProActive. They say what they'll do, and they do it. They are always pleasant to work with."

- Dan Roy, VP - eMarketing R&D, Premiere Global Services


“You guys have really done your homework when it comes to IT staffing. We've been very pleased with every ProActive consultant that we've brought aboard."

- Jim Wilson, CIO - Network Communications, Inc.


“ProActive consistently provides exceptional talent and skill sets for small to multi-million dollar projects.  They remain engaged throughout the project as a partner with solution-minded resolutions. Hired ProActive once, hired them twice, would hire ProActive again.”

- June Campbell, AVP - Corporate Technology, Equifax

- Mark Kraieski, Change Archtect - Kraieski and Associates LLC

“ProActive has the unique ability to find the right people for us, not only in skill set, but in personality and company fit.  This ensures a quick and smooth transition into our team and results in higher productivity.  I always get a well-screened candidate - one that is right on target for our needs - instead of a list of resources available in the marketplace.  Their attention to detail and on-going follow up makes ProActive our "go to" partner for IT talent.”

- Jim Deffenbaugh, CTO - vueLogic®


“Two things separate ProActive from their competition.  First, they find quality resources matching the most unique and esoteric combination of skills required by my clients - even when nobody else can, and second; the principles - Mark and Paul - deal with both their clients and consultants with the greatest integrity and character.

- Mark Kraieski, Change Architect - Kraieski and Associates LLC

Consultant Testimonials

"Shortly after contacting ProActive Resources, I started my new assignment. ProActive really understands all sides of the industry – the consultant; the client; the technology; and the challenge of bringing them all together. Our relationship lasted 5 years. What impacts me the most about ProActive isn’t the length of our relationship, but the on-going genuine support and cultivation of our relationship, both professional and personal. ProActive even helped me with a smooth transition into a new assignment through another company. Thanks ProActive!"

- Walter Bing, Software Architect and Developer

"I worked with ProActive to obtain a great consulting position with one of their Atlanta clients. I found ProActive to be extremely professional, yet down to earth from the very first day. The entire ProActive team is dedicated and sincere, and I have the highest respect for them because of the way they treat both their customers and their clients. I highly recommend ProActive Resources."

- Bert Thompson, Project Manager, Business Continuity

“I had the pleasure to work with ProActive Resources for 2 years while I was consulting at Premiere Global Services. During this time, I found ProActive to be one of the most sincere and responsive companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Paul and Mark always kept me informed and provided a reliable, transparent service that allowed me to concentrate on the client’s work. They are grounded, honest, professionals of whom I have genuine respect. I have only the highest admiration for ProActive and highly recommend them their outstanding service. I hope I have the good fortune to work with ProActive again in the near future!”

- Valerie King, Consultant

"Job hunting after graduation can be a very confusing and stressful process. I was feeling a little overwhelmed until I applied to a job posting by ProActive Resources. Soon after applying, I was contacted by Mark Granger. Mark took the time to really get to know me before recommending an interview with Utility Associates. He went above and beyond by thoroughly and honestly explaining the goals of the company and the requirements of the job. I went into the interview feeling confident that this was the perfect opportunity for me. Less than two weeks later I started my dream job and I couldn't be happier. ProActive Resources is a great solution for connecting well qualified professionals with excellent employment opportunities."

- Amandah Falls, Software Engineer

"Good consulting assignments are getting harder to find, especially in today’s economy. Thanks to ProActive, I was able to land a “perfect fit” assignment with a great company. ProActive has done everything they promised to do, and I give them a big “thumbs up!"

- Bram Darrow, Network Engineer

"I am pleased to recommend ProActive Resources as the absolute best agency that I have worked with. In my 40+ years of IT working, through about 20 recruiting companies, it was a pleasure to finally find one that met all areas of the business so professionally.

Both Paul and Mark are always up to speed on each of their consultants and also their client companies. They are flawless in their presentation of the consultant’s skills and also of the clients needs.

And, here is what they don’t do. They will not give you an answer if they do not know it. They will not over estimate pay ranges or contract lengths. And finally they will not put a consultant into a situation where he or she would fail."

- John Dowst, Senior Developer