Our Process

We seek excellence in our consultants. Our candidate screening process is very tough and thorough. Here's an overview:

INITIAL SCREENING. Every candidate is personally screened by Mark Granger and Paul Lauritzen. We look for the people skills that are essential in every top performer. We aggressively apply what we've learned through experience: A candidate might be a technical genius, but if that candidate lacks the attitude, enthusiasm or personality to bring success to our client's IT project, then we wish him good day and good luck!

REFERENCE CHECKING. It surprises us how few of our competitors do a good job here, if they do it at all. Reference checking is important, and at ProActive it's done in a thorough, methodical way. The questions we ask may surprise some, but we come away with a good assessment of a candidate's past performance and work ethic.

The candidate now undergoes an intense technical screening, to ensure the candidate's mastery of his area of expertise. Here's how we do it: We have agreements in place with a number of technical experts who are masters in their fields. These experts conduct an interview that simply cannot be matched by an electronic "point and click" test. Through human interaction with the candidate, our experts ensure not only technical excellence, but also confirm that the candidate's interpersonal skills will maximize the consultant's value to the client.

PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT. Now, a personality assessment is performed using a standardized test, to confirm the opinions derived during the interview process. We look for results that reflect confidence, cooperation, poise under pressure, dedication to goals, and a desire to bring out the best in others.

Through a collaborative effort among all those involved in the screening process, a consensus is derived on the candidate's communication skills. We insist on an ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively. Each interviewer ranks the candidate on a scale of 1 to 10. Those assessed below nine are bid farewell.

PERSONAL PLEDGE. We know that the professional conduct of every ProActive resource is a direct reflection on our company, its principals, and on every other ProActive resource. Therefore, every one of our consultants signs this pledge as a personal guarantee of outstanding conduct. We believe our clients deserve the best, and so do our consultants.



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